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Burgas, hotel Bulgaria - Burgas, Rezervă acum online Hoteluri	Burgas
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hotel Bulgaria - Burgas

About the hotel: The 71 m high building of hotel Bulgaria is situated in the heart of Bourgas. The hotel has 17 floors, each of them with a spectacular view to the Golf of Bourgas or the old town part of the city. The hotel offers 158 rooms, 8 suites and 3 Presidential suites, each one of them with a private bath and bath-tub, air conditioning, minibar, direct phone, cable TV and radio.

Number of rooms: 146

Address: Burgas, 21 Aleksandrovka Str

In hotel: Aer condiţionat, 24 oră Reception, Lift, Parcare, Restaurant, Room service, Day Bar, Night bar, Casino, Sali de conferinte, Business center, Shops and commercial services, Spa center, Coafor, Fitness, Solarium, Sauna/Baie de aburi, Masaje, Piscina interioara, Children's playground, Ironing, Dry cleaning, Laundry service, Inchiriere masini, Currency exchange, Safety deposit box, Camere pentru nefumatori

In room: Aer condiţionat, Baie, Bathtub, Uscător de păr, Minibar, Telefon, Internet access, TV, Satelit TV, Căldură bea

Season: All seasons

Condiţii de cazare

Check-in time after 14:00
Check-out time before 12:00
We will hold your booking until 24:00
No pets allowed

In cases, when the hotel refuses to provide the service for your reservation upon arrival after confirmed booking, PS TOUR Ltd. is obliged to to offer you an alternative of comparable parameters.

Întrebări şi informaţii suplimentare

Pentru toate întrebările legate de procesul rezervării, nu ezitaţi să ne contactaţi la tel. +359 700 11 881 (09:00-17:30 -Luni-Vineri), skype: ok-booking, info@ok-booking.com
PS Tour Ltd., Bourgas 8000, 1, Al. Veliki Str.

Places to see nearby

» The Pier of Burgas 

The Pier of Burgas

It is the most famous landmark of Burgas. It was built in 1933 and became the romantic symbol of the town.

» The sea garden-Burgas 

The sea garden-Burgas

The foundation of the Sea Garden is laid with the first general plan of Burgas in 1891. 72,000sq.m of land with desolated vineyards were transformed into a beautiful public garden. The Sea Garden acquired its modern look during 1910. At this time in Burgas, Mr. George Duhtev, who graduated with honours in Gardening in Austria, started work on the design and landscaping of the park. By 1912 the garden was already fenced. Along the path-ways appeared flower beds and the main areas were planted with cultivated shrubs and park trees. In 1924 the Sea Garden is fully completed. Afforestation material introduced from Hungary, Istanbul, Italy, France, Syria and Lebanon, contributes for the botanical wealth of the park. The Sea Garden is located on high coast and is full whith flowers, trees and sculptures. The Open Summer Theater is located there. The international folklore festival and the Music Festival "Burgas and the Sea" are hosted there each year.

» Burgas Regional museum-Archaeological Exposition 

Burgas Regional museum-Archaeological Exposition

Burgas Regional museum is the oldest one in Bourgas Region, established in 1912. The museum dispose rich funds of objects of culture, attained after long-years archeological excavations and research work on the territory of the entire region, historical and fiction archives.

» Port Bourgas 

Port Bourgas

Port Bourgas is established pursuit to the Decree for Construction, signed by Prince Ferdinand I on 20 December 1894. The construction works have started in 1895 but, as there were many technical difficulties it turned out that the company that has started the construction is not able to finish it. In 1898 the Bulgarian Government has assigned the site to the French company Societe des Construction Batignolle. The official opening ceremony has been held on May 18, 1903 and the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand I also attended to it. Since that ceremony the port is considered as open for commercial shipping. A few years before, in 1899, the first Bulgarian port lighthouse - Light of Bourgas, has been put on. At the opening, the port offered a 60 hectares basin, 3 quay walls with total length of 590 m and depths of 24 feet.

» Armenian church 

Armenian church

The Armenian Church Surp Hach (the Holy Cross) was built in 1853, which is stated on the stone over the inside gate and on the marble of the Baptist dome. The temple construction is a one-nave monolith building with basic characteristics of the Armenian Church architecture. Armenian Apostolic and Orthodox Church Surp Hach is among the eldest religious edifice in Burgas, also declared for a cultural heritage.One of oldest Armenian churches in Bulgaria whith more than 335 years history. The Monument deticated to Bulgarian people from the grateful Armenian people is located in the Sea Garden.

» December 6 - Bourgas public holiday 

December 6 - Bourgas public holiday

Bourgas is a city situated in Eastern Bulgaria, a center of Bourgas district and Bourgas municipality, at the coast of the Black Sea. The entire history and development of the city is closely related to the sea. The position of the city, surrounded by water on three sides, is the reason for its emerging and development. During the ages of the Bulgarian National Revival Bourgas faced the foundation of the national ideology and strive for establishing Bulgarian school and Orthodox Church. Bulgarian men of science came here from Constantinople and created the Bourgas municipality. The Bulgarian school and church were opened in 1868. On February 6, 1878 Bourgas was liberated from the Ottoman yoke by the detachment headed by colonel Lermontov. Bourgas grew rapidly and the construction of the central part with a beautiful seaside garden, municipal gardens, big casino at the sea-shore, municipal halls, and palace of commerce started. The industry grew vigorously as well as the banking, education and culture. 151 industrial enterprises were established. In the second half of the 20th century Bourgas became a powerful industrial and business center, a tourist destination of world fame. The number of the schools increased, and the intellectuals initiated the first educational association Deyatelnost (activity). Today Bourgas is the biggest town in Southeastern Bulgaria, and forth by population in the country. Bourgas was the first city to receive in 1999 the honour for full implementation of the requirements of the European Union.

» St. Anastasia Island 

St. Anastasia Island

St. Anastasia is an island in the Bourgas bay in the Black Sea. Between 1945 and 1990 the island was named Bolshevik. It is located 6.5 km southeastern from Bourgas, between St. Anastasia cape and Atia cape. The island is formed of volcanic rocks, it is 12 m high and its area is 0.022 sq.m. In 1924 the island was turned into a concentration camp. An old dried up well is situated in the northern part of the island. The legend tells that many centuries ago a pirate treasure was hidden here. From time immemorial the island is known as a hiding place of the pirates, raving once in the Black Sea. A lot of treasure hunters have tried their chance here, but no one has ever found the treasure. Apart of it, the legend attracts each year many tourists from entire Bulgaria. Today the island is owned by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, but a local businessman manages it from a few years.

» St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral in Bourgas 

St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral in Bourgas

St. Cyril and Methodius church is one of the most important symbols of the coastal city of Bourgas. The cathedral is the oldest church in Bourgas, situated in the very center of the city. Plans for the construction were made in 1888, when Bourgas grew rapidly. Construction began in 1895 and the church opened doors in May 1907. The cathedral has area of 516 sq m and its length and width are respectively 32 m and 21 m. Architecture impresses with the richly decorated façade and splendid dome. Green stone, bricks and marble were used in the construction. Rich decorations beautify the interior. Visitors usually notice first the five sets of marble arcs that have been positioned as if to split the church in two parts. Iconostasis woodcarvings were created in 1930. Well-known craftsman and icon painter Kroum Kosharevski worked on them. The cathedra has been positioned centrally. The church received it as a gift in 1870 from the old Bourgas sanctuary. Renovation and relocation took place in 1907. Wall paintings and the decorated windows also catch the eye. The vault features several paintings of Jesus Christ, Mary and various archangels. Most of the icons in the church have been donated. A fire in 1953 damaged some of the paintings and icons and called for urgent restoration works. The façade was renovated, as well. Funds were provided for overall renovation in 1994 and work continued for many years.

» The big dolmen in the Korubata region 

The big dolmen in the Korubata region

The big dolmen near the village of Kirovo, Sredets municipality, Bourgas district, is a three-part shaped and is a kind of Thracian tomb with two chambers and an anteroom. They are shaped by big flat stone plates, the floor is covered by slab stones, and the southeastern entrance is dug with arch-like shape. The archeological excavations found here a lot of materials that have been ritually broken in the anteroom. The most interesting are the ceramic pottery and the bronze fibulas dated to 11th-8th century BC.

» Atanasovsko Lake 

Atanasovsko Lake

The Atanasovsko Lake is very salty coastal lake, divided into two smaller ones by the road Burgas - Varna. The north lake was announced a natural reserve in 1980. The south one is a buffer zone. The two parts of the Atanasovsko Lake have been used as salt-cellars since 1906. The lake is surrounded by smaller water areas, and an irrigation canal system as well, overgrown with marsh vegetation. The sweet water from the catchment basin is gathering in a belt channel is lead to the sea. In the buffer of the reserve average 40,000 tones of sea-salt is extracted. Through good maintenance of the ecological conditions in the reserve the biological variety increase and therefore the salt extraction increases as well.Other natural resources are the healing mud and lye. Usually the visits at the lake are made at the West Embankment.

» The spring of the three nymphs 

The spring of the three nymphs

Aqua Kalide, Termopolis or Bourgas Mineral Baths - whatever the name, the 25-millennium old medicinal spring still attracts irresistibly the willing to bathe in it. The resort near the Mineral Baths of Bourgas has already been popular in the antiquity. Evidence for the millennial use of the mineral baths are the remains of an ancient and medieval town near them and a Thracian sanctuary of the three nymphs, protectors of the spring. The first famous ruler, who bathed in the healing spring, is Philip II of Macedonia - king of Ancient Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great. Under the name Aqua Kalide, and later Termopolis, the mineral baths developed and flourished over the centuries. In one of the chronicles there is a story that the wife of the Byzantine Emperor Tiberius II found salvation in it. The first healing qualities of the mineral water near Bourgas were described by the Turkish historian Evliya Chelebi in XVII century, who claimed that during his worldwide travels he had never seen more healing water. The mineral water near Bourgas is characterized as "soft". It is hot, the temperature is 41 degrees Celsius, slightly mineralized, moderately fluoric. It is limpid and is of very good drinking and taste qualities. Those who seek relief from rheumatism, infertility, gout and neuralgia come here mineral spring looking for recovery.

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hotel Bulgaria - Burgas - pictureshotel Bulgaria - Burgas - pictureshotel Bulgaria - Burgas - pictureshotel Bulgaria - Burgas - pictureshotel Bulgaria - Burgas - pictures

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Hotel de 4 Stele in Burgas

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In hotel:  Aer condiţionat   24 oră Reception   Lift   Parcare   Restaurant   Room service   Day Bar   Night bar   Casino   Sali de conferinte   Business center   Shops and commercial services   Spa center   Coafor   Fitness   Solarium   Sauna/Baie de aburi   Masaje   Piscina interioara   Children's playground   Ironing   Dry cleaning   Laundry service   Inchiriere masini   Currency exchange   Safety deposit box   Camere pentru nefumatori 

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Location: Seaside | City | Business hotel | 

In hotel: Aer condiţionat | 24 oră Reception | Lift | Parcare | Restaurant | Room service | Day Bar | Night bar | Casino | Sali de conferinte | Business center | Shops and commercial services | Spa center | Coafor | Fitness | Solarium | Sauna/Baie de aburi | Masaje | Piscina interioara | Children's playground | Ironing | Dry cleaning | Laundry service | Inchiriere masini | Currency exchange | Safety deposit box | Camere pentru nefumatori | 

In room: Aer condiţionat | Baie | Bathtub | Uscător de păr | Minibar | Telefon | Internet access | TV | Satelit TV | Căldură bea | 

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